Long-Term Care Insurance State Partnership Plans

Many states have long-term care insurance partnership programs put in place for their residents. These partnership programs were designed to encourage the purchase of Long-Term Care insurance by state residents so that the states can reduce its liability for paying for long-term care costs in the future. These partnership plans are vital if the current State Medicaid (or MedI-Cal in California) are to remain solvent.The advantage the partnership policies have to consumers is that the state acts as a safety net for them in case their care exceeds the benefits of their Long-Term care policy, and they are guaranteed that long-term care costs will not be allowed to completely wipe out all of their assets.The basic premise of the partnership program is that it allows the purchaser of a Long-Term Care insurance policy to shelter an amount of funds equal to the amount the policy pays out in benefits and still qualify for state assistance through Medicaid, as long as he or she has exhausted all of the benefits and still needs care. This ensures that Long-Term Care insurance partnership policyholders will never have to be impoverished to receive state assistance, even if their need for care outlasts the benefits of their Long-Term Care insurance policy.This is a clear benefit to consumers, because they no longer have to buy policies that contain lifetime benefits to ensure that long-term care costs won’t wipe out their life savings. They can choose a lower benefit period instead, perhaps three to five years, which is very adequate coverage for the vast majority of consumers.What identifies a policy as being partnership-qualified? There are several qualifications that were outlined in the federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, including the need to be federally tax-qualified and to contain the consumer protection provisions of the NAIC LTC Model Act and Model Regulation. The vast majority of policies sold today already have those provisions.However, there is one requirement that contributes more than almost any other to qualifying a Long-Term Care insurance policy for the partnership program. It must have the age-appropriate inflation protection benefit.These requirements are as follows:o Those age 60 or younger must have “compound annual inflation protection.”o Those at least 61 but younger than 76 must have “some level of inflation protection.”o Those age 76 or older must be offered an inflation protection option, but they are not required to purchase that option.Why is inflation protection given such prominence in partnership-qualified policies? The answer is that if partnership-qualified policies don’t have inflation protection, the purpose of a partnership program may be defeated.This is because the whole purpose of the partnership program is to help relieve the financial burden of long-term care costs from the state Medicaid or Medi-Cal systems. If a consumer buys a Long-Term Care insurance policy but does not allow it to keep pace with the rising costs of care, the insufficient benefits will be more likely to force the policyholder to turn to Medicaid or Medi-Cal anyway. With very few assets left, the state will have to pick up the rest of the bill for this individual and the original intent of the program is defeated.Long-Term Care specialists require special state certification to be able to sell the partnership plans. The long-term care specialist works for you, the client, and shows no bias towards one carrier or another. Schedule a consultation to determine which carrier, and what benefits would best satisfy your individual needs.

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Accounting Jobs – Top 10 Accounting Job Opportunities

There are numerous varieties in accounting jobs. You will be quite aware of the fact that every company needs an accountant to handle their finances. A multinational company will have a whole department dedicated to accountants where as a small enterprise will have to do with just one or may be a couple of accountants. However the fact remains that a company cannot function without accountants. This calls for a huge career opportunity in being an accountant. Experts are of the opinion that this industry will keep growing manifolds in years to come and that pursuing a degree in accounting is a very wise decision today. Read on to find out the top 10accounting job opportunities which are only expected to increase in times to come.1) Federal Government Accountants: Getting into a government job is indeed both a respectable and responsible position. The reasons include better job security and perks. There are time to time vacancies for government accounting jobs. Make sure you give it your best shot.2) Postal Service Accountants: Postal services are spread over the globe. It is one of the biggest networks ever. The service keeps looking for accountants from time to time. The pay is usually good and you will be very satisfied working as a postal service accountant.3) Certified Personal Accountants: Of all the accounting careers this is the one which is catching the trend at a steady pace. Once you qualify as a certified personal accountant you can handle several clients all at once. You can actually be your own boss and choose how much of work load you prefer and when. This is indeed a job which gives you wings to freedom.4) Tax auditors: Taxes are a very important both on the part of the government and the masses. Tax auditors are thus a very important asset to the society. Make a career as a tax auditor and you will be sure of earning a handsome living.5) Tax preparers: Handling all your tax returns on your own is not child play. You need an expert if you do not want to end up on paying more taxes than you actually should be paying. Tax preparers are professionals who look into your tax issues and help you save the maximum possible.6) Bookkeepers: Do not get confused about the role of a bookkeeper. Their job centres on maintaining accurate records of financial data. It might range from info on payment, income, sales and purchase.7) Payroll managers: Big corporate offices require many payroll managers to take care of their employees payrolls. It is indeed a very demanding job these days.8) Management of enterprises: Accountants no more just stick to accounts. They are now being trusted with more responsible jobs like running a full company or enterprise.9) Local government auditors and accountants: A government job even local holds a great deal of value for accountants. One has a great deal to gain by being in one of these.10) State government auditors and accountants: There job responsibilities are similar to that of their local counterparts. However the benefits and perks are more lucrative.

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The 7 Best Time Management Books Out There

Time management is a vital skill that one must learn to get the most out of life. Learning this skill is relatively easy as long as you know what you want in life and have the drive and passion to achieve it. To complement an individual’s fast-paced lifestyle, here are some of the best management books to learn from.The 7 Best Management Books:
Getting Things Done by David Allen: David Allen, a management expert, introduces his methodology on how to get things done in his book, Getting Things Done. His philosophy on time management is explained plainly in this book and, in fact, most of the present management methodologies are based on his management style.
Do It Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Management by Mark Forster: Mark Forster is a well-known author and lecturer in the field of management. His book, Do It Tomorrow, shows his alternative views on time management. In this book, readers will find the seven management principles that Forster has developed for effective time management. Both novices and experts will find something worth noting in this book.
The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard: Ken Blanchard is a popular author of many management books. The One Minute Manager is the first book in the One Minute series that Blanchard has published. This book is very brief and only highlights a few key concepts for effective time management.
Putting The One Minute Manager to Work by Ken Blanchard: This book is another Blanchard work that helps the readers of the One Minute Manager apply the ideas in real life. In this book, the readers will learn how to work well with their team in a lighthearted but effective manner.
Leadership and the One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard: The Leadership and the One Minute Manager is another installment in Ken Blanchard’s One Minute series. In the abovementioned books, Blanchard has stressed the importance of management and effective teamwork and monitoring system to become productive. In this book, Blanchard focuses on how to develop the leader in an individual to be a good manager. This book is a good accompaniment for the abovementioned Blanchard masterpieces.
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey: For seasoned readers of books about time management, this book is a classic. Stephen Covey’s philosophical approach on time management helps the readers have a clear viewpoint in life to determine their personal goals and achieve it. This book is a perfect life coach as well as a management guide.
The Now Habit by Neil Fiore: Neil Fiore has finally discovered the antidote for procrastination. In his book, The Now Habit, he introduces several effective techniques to overcome procrastination. These techniques and systems make management easy and fun so readers will enjoy applying these lessons in real life.These books about management are only some of the best in the market today. Whether a mentor or a learner, one can learn something useful from these books.

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