Travel Tips for Summer Vacation

Summer vacations are here. It is now time to venture out and enjoy some sunshine and warmth. You are full of excitement and looking forward to an adventure of a lifetime. You do not want to miss the opportunity of packing your baggage and hitting the travel route. Before proceeding and planning for a last minute vacation, you will be at an advantage if you follow some important summer travel tips.Travel TipsDestinationYou should decide on a suitable destination depending on your budget, the number of people traveling, and the number of days of travel.AccommodationPlan where you are staying well in advance. This will not only save you money but also ensure you get the kind of lodging you yearn for during your vacation.Documentation and MoneyCarry your travel documents like visa, identification papers, and passport if you are traveling outside the country. Do not forget to carry foreign currency, credit cards, and debit cards.ClothingChoose your travel clothing according to the weather at the destination. Browse the internet to get important travel tips on the type of clothing to be worn according to the kind of weather.Mode of TravelOverseas and far off destinations can easily be reached by air. If you are one with an adventurous streak, you can opt to travel by road also. Choose your vehicle according to the terrain you will be traveling through. Plan your air travel in advance to take advantage of discounted airfares and avoid last minute vacation hassles.InsuranceTravel insurance can be easily obtained through a travel agent or any insurance company. Make sure that you are sufficiently insured to take care of any contingencies during your vacation.MedicinesIf you are on any medications, do not forget to carry them with you. You should also carry the prescriptions and your health related documents while on vacation. Keep with you the emergency contact details of your regular care givers.Travel AccessoriesWhat good is a vacation if you cannot relive them in the future? Carry with you an excellent camera or a video recorder to capture all your favorite moments. Do not forget to pack the necessary accessories of your recording devices. You should also remember to carry all the accessories of your mobile and other electronic devices.BaggageCarry with you only what is absolutely necessary. Talk to your travel agent or visit websites to plan the kind of baggage you have to carry. You can also get valuable travel tips by corresponding with someone like the travel adviser at the hotel you are booked at.Home SecurityEnsure that your abode is well protected from burglars. Inform your neighbors and the local home security, if any, about your absence. Provide them your travel contact numbers so that they can reach you in case of any incidents. Switch off power to all the electrical equipments to prevent fire due to short circuit or electrical voltage spikes.Your summer vacation will be most enjoyable if you are able to relax without any interruptions or any nagging thoughts. Plan ahead and compare different destinations and travel plans to get the best out of your vacation. You and make the most of your summer travel if you follow these travel tips.

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Chicago Real Estate Market Trends for 2012

The real estate business in Chicago has always been known for rising and falling as seen in the past few years. Each year has a unique market trend that characterizes it. Several issues do come up in the business. Several factors also determine the market trend for each passing year.In the current 2012, the Chicago real estate market trends have been on the declining side. According to current reports on Trulia, the entire market trend for 2012 has been declining all over Chicago. There’s a decline in the Median Sales for Chicago homes as from January 12 to March 12, 2012. The price stands at $160,750. This shows a 13.1% decline compared to the decrease of 10% seen in 2011.The Trulia report also says that sales prices in the market have also depreciated since the last 5 years up to this present 2012. Actually, there’s a little bit of increase in the average listing price within April 2012. The report holds that the average listing price for homes earmarked for sales stood at $388,423 as at April 25, 2012. This shows a little increase of $2,854 or 0.7% compared to the previews week.Again, there’s also a decline in the price per square foot in Chicago. The average price per square foot stands at $124 as at April 2012. This, shows a decrease of 12.1% compare to what was obtainable on April 2011.The 2012 market trend for Chicago real estate also shows a concentration of sales on specific neighborhoods. The most popular neighborhoods that are attracting real estate sales include Lincoln Park, North Side, Wicker Park, Loop, Bucktown, and De Paul. The housing market is quite hot in these areas. Investors are busy buying and selling in the mentioned areas.Meanwhile, there are current trends and news on the Chicago Real estate market conditions. For instance, the US Treasury Department reports that 35% of home sales in Chicago are distressed compared to the 34% seen nationwide. The current May Issue of the “Chicago Tribune” also reports that the current Chicago home sales market is fragile. This is as a result of large number of lengthy foreclosures process times, vacant homes, and low mortgages.In any case, the year 2012 is still on course. We’re yet to hit the middle of the year. Although the current Chicago market trends seem to be on the decrease, experts still hope the conditions will change. The housing market tends to be unstable, while financial uncertainty. The pendulum can swing to any side depending on the prevailing economic situations. There’s hope for more investors into the Chicago real estate market. Prices for homes and other properties are expected to appreciate. The future still holds a lot a for the real estate market in the Chicago city.

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Vancouver Housing Market Update: Sales Volume and Market Trend

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